10 Interesting Garden Designs And Ideas

Hello my fellow gardeners! Today I decided to post 10 interesting garden designs and ideas for your inspiration. :) I think you’ll like them. As for me, I like raised garden beds. I thought to make one from old pallets this spring but unfortunately didn’t have a time to to that. And also I plant go go travelling for a few months so no garden this summer for me. :)

1) So here is number one. Just nice design and easy to walk between the beds.

garden 1

2) Round design. I think it’s a real pleasure to take care of such gardens, are you agree?

Round garden

3) Round.

Round garden

4) Round garden again.

garden 4

5) My favourite raised bed garden. Easy to take care of and also you can move it from place to place if you want.

raised bed garden

6)  These beds are made of willow I think. Looks really nice.

raised bed garden

7) Exotic garden. :) Compact and you can make it from recycled cans instead of throwing them away.

recycled garden

8) And this one is a star!

garden 8
9) Another vertical garden.
vertical garden

10) And the last one. :) Garden can look like this.
garden 9

Happy gardening, folks!

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