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My balcony garden photos “update”

Hello everyone,
As I promised on Saturday, today I am going to write how my home garden is going.
You can see the photostream from Flikr below. The cucumbers are growing very well – one of the plants is about a meter high. There are some small cucumbers already. We still can not put them on the balcony as the weather is still cold during the nights. The average temperatures for cucumbers should be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit otherwise they may die. I hope that the weather becomes warmer after a week or two. As you can see on the photos – yellow string beans are fine too. My wife planted them just for fun but I am sure there will be enough beans for a big salad portion by the end of the season 😀
The dill is growing a bit slow but yesterday I’ve already had salad with our own dill so I am satisfied with that too.
Tomatoes… It’s hard for me to write about them as my granny has ruined my dreams yesterday. She promised to give me two tomato plants and even showed them to me. I was so glad as she grows very nice sort that bear vegetables till the late Autumn. But when I visited her yesterday she said she thought I’ve changed my mind and therefore she planted them in her garden. 😐 Well… Never mind. At least she told me I’ll get some tomatoes. And we still have six cherry tomato plants 😉 I’ve got some herbs, strawberries and even a lemon tree on the photos. I will write about them shortly. I wish you all the best in your gardens for now! Read the rest of this entry »

My balcony garden photos

Hello everyone!
I’ve published some photos of my balcony garden of Flikr recently (you can see my photostream below). Just three photos so far but I will publish more next week. There are about 5 flowers on wild strawberry so far, some flowers on yellow string beans and cucumbers. :) I will write about my plants on Monday. Have a nice weekends!

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Growing tomatoes in Pots

Raised Pot Tomatoes

Many people today are interested in growing tomatoes in pots. It is very simple way to get nice fresh tomatoes on your table. If you want to grow tomatoes in pots you don’t need a lot of space. Just a few square inches for the pot.  Big sorts of tomatoes need 5-gallon pot and cherry tomatoes will grow fine in a small hanging baskets. You need to find pot with a good drainage.

Ok, you have got a pot, what else? You need a good soil. I strongly recommend to use organic potting soil as it has all the nutrients etc. Also you can add some gravel in the bottom of the pot, and install a few stakes for support when you plant.

If you want to grow tomatoes in pots you need to plant them deep leaving only the top two-three sets of leaves above the soil. Don’t worry, the plant will not die – the part of the stem that is buried will sprout roots and it will help to support the tomatoe plant.

Growing tomatoes in pots requires two things: furtulizing and watering.
I recomend you to use special soil moister. Put just a little bit in the soil and mix it. Don’t add a big ammount as soil moister gets bigger after watering.
If you have a small baby in the house you can put one or two baby diapers at the bottom of the pot. It will do exactly the same job as a soil moister.

If you don’t add soil moister or baby diapers you’ll have to water your plants daily as tomatoes like wet soil.

That’s all about growing tomatoes in pots, really. I hope you’ll enjoy this easy method! :)
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Making container for my balcony garden

Hello folks! I hope the weather is nice in your area and you spend your free time in the garden. That’s what I was doing for the last two days. As you know, my garden is not really big: just two windows and the balcony. But that’s enough for me to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, flowers and different herbs. Such as dill, basil, etc.
I am going to publish a new videos today. Container gardening is the best solution if you have limited space so I made a wooden container for my cucumbers. It took me about 2 hours in total (in two days period as I was tired yesterday and left the work till today), didn’t cost me anything and… I had a fun making it :) Enjoy the videos :)

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9 tips you must know. Growing strawberries

Fragaria × ananassa 'Gariguette,' a cultivar g...

I posted some videos recently about wild strawberries that I plant to grow in container in my balcony garden, now I am going to write about growing strawberries. But before that I would like to write how good these fruits are.
Just a few people know that strawberry have a lot of medical properties. Strawberry leafs and roots may be used to treat diarrhoea. Some time ago tea from strawberry leafs was used as a treatment against dysentiry. Fruits with leafs may also be used to treat urinary tract disorders. These berries reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases as well.

Amazing, isn’t it? So that’s why it is a “must have” berry in your diet. We need to eat them as much as possible during the summer. Wild strawberries may also be freezed for winter time (berries will not loose their anti-cancer activity)

Growing strawberries

Strawberries may be easily started from seeds, or can be bought as transplants. On the market try to find healthy-looking plants with signs of new growth in leaves and flower buds.

Put their roots in the water for about an hour before planting.

Plant them at ground level.

Strawberries may be easily divided in early spring just as the new growth appears. You need to lift the plants and pull apart the crowns.

Strawberries have to be planted in the sunny location with 5-8 hours of sun every day. But if you live in hot areas, try to choose location that receives protection from the afternoon sun. Strawberry prefer a well-drained, moist, fertile, slightly acidic soil.

Water them daily.

Some useful advices

In order to eliminate weeds and keep moisture you may want to mulch plants with straw.

To feed plants, apply some compost around the plants at the beginning of the season before mulching.

To prevent plants from freezing during the winter you can cover them with straw or loose leafs.

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Wild strawberry in balcony garden

Today I am going to post a new videos about planting preparation for my balcony garden. I havve abandoned gardens 8 minutes away from my home. I went there and dug out some wild strawberry for growing them in the containers.  The video is below. Sorry for the quality – I was making them using my mobile.

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I wish I could be read better in Spanish, but I found a great site that will be of help with my veggies. Most tutoring net companies just sell netting and have no real expertise in agriculture. Hortomallas has a great library available to farmers as tutora means tutor as referred to a plant. I ran into this site by mere chance as I was trying to find the ideal product to tutor my backyard vegetables, and did not know that using netting reduces viruses and fungi. I will try now to go 100% organic!