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Window decoration in modern interior designs

Modern variants of window decoration nowadays are able to satisfy even the most demanding taste. Let’s consider the most widespread alternatives.

Classic blinds are suitable for interiors with “imperial” elements of recent epochs. They can be combined with soft or hard lambrequins and decorative accessories like fringe, tassels, cords, etc.

French window blinds are always in gathered condition: both when lifted and pulled down. Long and wide linen allows making posh gathers. These blinds are perfect for theatres, banquet rooms, gorgeous restaurants and casinos.

Both Roman and Japanese blinds are flat linens. Japan blind is composed of separate solid panel linens shifting horizontally. It is applied in minimal art style interiors. Roman blind is flat linen divided into separate equal sections with embedded hard horizontal laths. It is practical and simple in operation.

Austrian window blinds are lifted blinds without horizontal transversal pins. While lifting they are folded in magnificent puffs. They look extremely romantic.

The most laconic variant of window decoration is faux wood blinds. They are suitable for home interiors made in natural colors. Such blinds are also perfect for offices. This design decision will give the interior features of restrained luxury and nobleness.

I hope this article will help you to make a right decision. 🙂

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