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Growing tomatoes in Pots

Raised Pot Tomatoes

Many people today are interested in growing tomatoes in pots. It is very simple way to get nice fresh tomatoes on your table. If you want to grow tomatoes in pots you don’t need a lot of space. Just a few square inches for the pot.  Big sorts of tomatoes need 5-gallon pot and cherry tomatoes will grow fine in a small hanging baskets. You need to find pot with a good drainage.

Ok, you have got a pot, what else? You need a good soil. I strongly recommend to use organic potting soil as it has all the nutrients etc. Also you can add some gravel in the bottom of the pot, and install a few stakes for support when you plant.

If you want to grow tomatoes in pots you need to plant them deep leaving only the top two-three sets of leaves above the soil. Don’t worry, the plant will not die – the part of the stem that is buried will sprout roots and it will help to support the tomatoe plant.

Growing tomatoes in pots requires two things: furtulizing and watering.
I recomend you to use special soil moister. Put just a little bit in the soil and mix it. Don’t add a big ammount as soil moister gets bigger after watering.
If you have a small baby in the house you can put one or two baby diapers at the bottom of the pot. It will do exactly the same job as a soil moister.

If you don’t add soil moister or baby diapers you’ll have to water your plants daily as tomatoes like wet soil.

That’s all about growing tomatoes in pots, really. I hope you’ll enjoy this easy method! :)
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9 tips you must know. Growing strawberries

Fragaria × ananassa 'Gariguette,' a cultivar g...

I posted some videos recently about wild strawberries that I plant to grow in container in my balcony garden, now I am going to write about growing strawberries. But before that I would like to write how good these fruits are.
Just a few people know that strawberry have a lot of medical properties. Strawberry leafs and roots may be used to treat diarrhoea. Some time ago tea from strawberry leafs was used as a treatment against dysentiry. Fruits with leafs may also be used to treat urinary tract disorders. These berries reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases as well.

Amazing, isn’t it? So that’s why it is a “must have” berry in your diet. We need to eat them as much as possible during the summer. Wild strawberries may also be freezed for winter time (berries will not loose their anti-cancer activity)

Growing strawberries

Strawberries may be easily started from seeds, or can be bought as transplants. On the market try to find healthy-looking plants with signs of new growth in leaves and flower buds.

Put their roots in the water for about an hour before planting.

Plant them at ground level.

Strawberries may be easily divided in early spring just as the new growth appears. You need to lift the plants and pull apart the crowns.

Strawberries have to be planted in the sunny location with 5-8 hours of sun every day. But if you live in hot areas, try to choose location that receives protection from the afternoon sun. Strawberry prefer a well-drained, moist, fertile, slightly acidic soil.

Water them daily.

Some useful advices

In order to eliminate weeds and keep moisture you may want to mulch plants with straw.

To feed plants, apply some compost around the plants at the beginning of the season before mulching.

To prevent plants from freezing during the winter you can cover them with straw or loose leafs.

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How to plant vegetables upside down.

On the 30 of March I wrote that you can grow tomatoes upside down. You can do the same with cucumbers and peppers as well. The idea is great and it saves a time as vegetables grow faster so you can harvest them about 4 weeks earlier. You can make upside down tomato planter from a bucket or you can buy it on Amazon.

Upside down tomatoImage by Carissa Marie via Flickr

Today I want to write about planting vegetables upside down as I saw a lot of questions on the gardening forums about that. The instructions are simple.

1) Grow seedlings from home garden seeds. Grow seedlings for big types of tomatoes, pepers or cucumbers.  Small sorts will die.
2) Insert the plant into the basket/bucket/upside down tomato planter. You can  put it in plant first, or root first. If the plant has a very small root ball, put in root first. Stop at the base of the plant, just beyond the roots. Hold the plant steady.
3) Add potting soil. You can ask someone to add it when you hold the plant. Then spread the roots into the soil so the plant will stay put and after that add more soil.
4) Water the tomato plant from the top of the bucket every day. Note that upside down tomato planter will become heavier as the tomatoes grow on the plant. So make sure you hook them properly.

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3 things you must know before planting cucumbers.

Cucumbers grow on vinesImage via Wikipedia

Ok, guys, first of all I want to write some facts about cucumbers: according to Wikipedia cucumber originated in India. It has been cultivated for at least 3,000 years in Western Asia, and was possibly brought to Europe by the Romans. The first records of cucumber cultivation

in France are dated by the 9th century, in England – 14th century, and in North America by the mid-16th century. Cucumber contains loads of rare vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C. It also contains Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc… Impressive isn’t it? Ok, now, let’s talk about planting cucumbers.

You can grow cucumbers in container or in your garden.  Before taking them outside I would recommend you to plant home garden seeds inside and wait for a seedlings.

1) Before planting them in the garden you have to find a sunny place as cucumbers like sun. They also require growing space so you need to bear that in mind. If you have a small garden and don’t have enough space you can use vertical structures such as trellises.

2) Cucumbers like warm weather. The average temperatures should be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So plant cucumbers in the late spring or early summer when there is no risk of frost. Remember that even a light frost can kill these vegetables.

3) What soil to use? Cucumbers are not picky about type of soils but you have to make sure that your soil is well-draining and has a pH of around 6.5. I would advice to add organic compost to your garden soil before you plant cucumbers. It will reach the soil with nutrients and your cucumbers will grow strong and healthy.

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Can tomatoes grow upside-down?

Yes they can if you are using upside-down tomato planter! It can save you a lot of space and add a unique view to your home garden. You may want to hook it on your mansard or balcony and I am sure the friends or family will be surprised when they see the tomato that grows upside-down. :) Also there are some other great benefits: you don’t have to take so great care about them as you do in normal garden: there will be no weeds and you’ll not find your tomatoes spoiled on the ground. Because they grow upside-down all nutrients go “faster” from the roots into the plant and the tomatoes are ready for harvest 4 weeks earlier than tomatoes planted in traditional way.

topsy turvy

The idea is so great that this product was called The America’s Best Invention by TIME magazine in 2005!

All you have to do is to have your tomato plant ready for that. You can’t just add home garden seeds into the bucket. They have to have their root system formed.  Water them as you normally do and that’s all!

Click here to order it on Amazon for just 13.99$!

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Upside-down tomato planter

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How to grow string beans. Waiting for a flowers

String beans are very popular in many countries. For example in England canned beans are the leaders on the list of the most popular products. They are a good source of fibre, carbohydrates, vitamin C and vitamin A. So lets talk about planting these vegetables.

String beans prefer rich soil in a sunny location and a lot of moisture. So make sure that you water them frequently in the heat of the summer.

Do not try to get an early start with them – you’ll waste a lot of home garden seeds! String beans are fragile and you should not plant them until all frost danger has passed and the soil remains above 65єF.

You have to plant them in the area that will give them at least six hours of sunlight.

Before planting the beans you need to prepare soil. It has to be worked with a garden hoe, rake or spade down 8 to 10 inches. You have to brake up all dirt clods and remove any rocks or weeds.

Plant garden seeds 10 inches deep, every two to three inches in rows 24 inches apart. You have to cultivate them frequently and shallow until flowers appear. After that, be very careful, try not to disturb the roots as it can cause the flowers to drop.

You have to check your seed packet for proper harvesting for the particular variety you have chosen.

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How to grow carrots

Carrots. This vegetable is loaded with vitamins, taste good, help to control your weight, good for your skin and blood.

There are a few ways of planting carrot home garden seeds. But before planting them don’t forget to prepare soil. Work it deeply adding some compost or peat moss. Try to remove stones as in may affect downward formation of the roots.

Carrot seeds are one of the smallest of home garden seeds and it is important to thin the seedlings before crowding impairs their growth. There are two tricks you can use:
1) You can add several scoops of fresh coffee grounds to the mixture. It will help you space the carrot seeds by increasing the volume you have to pick up. The grounds will also help repel pests, as well as help fertilize the soil.
2) Also you can add some radish home garden seeds to the mixture. The radishes will sprout first, so you will be able to see where your rows are. It will also help you space the carrots out more when you cultivate them.

After the carrot home garden seeds have germinated, I recommend you to thin them to two inches apart.

Keep them well weeded early in the season. Carrots are easily overcrowded, and weeds usually winning out.

They also need a good supply of water, in soil that drains well. They respond well to fertilizer applied prior to sowing carrot seeds, and a couple of times during the season.

Carrots are ready to pick approximately 65 to 75 days, depending upon their sort.

Buy carrot seeds from my shop for just 5$ including the delivery!

Organic Home Garden Seeds for Sale. Carrot Karlena

Carrot Seeds “Karlena”
The late-ripen sort. These carrots are very good for storage during the winter time. The carrots are crunchy, juicy and sweet. The seeds are for planting during March-middle May. Plant them leaving 25-30 cm between the rows. Thin out leaving 5-8 cm between the plants.
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How to make compost

First step of compostImage via Wikipedia

Today I want to write about one very important thing for all gardeners. In fact the normal gardener will not plant home garden seeds without using it first.  I am sure you all have it somewhere in your garden. It’s called compost pile.

To make a good compost for planting your home garden seeds or seedlings, you need organic material plus microbes (bacteria, fungi, etc.) and other small creatures that will break down that material.

In order to get the best compost the most quickly, you’ll have to keep the microbes happy. The three elements for making them happy are: the right amount of moisture, enough oxygen, and the right types of food.

Let’s talk about the food first.

A lot of people add special chemicals but there is a much better way to have a great harvest.  It is cost effective (actually it won’t cost you anything!), healthier and easy. The secret is – nature around you. Yes, the nature and nowadays mass production gives a lot for your compost heap.

To survive, the bacterias in your compost pile need carbon and nitrogen.

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Become an organic weed killer or 4 tips for organic weed removal

People who want to have an organic garden have to remember one thing: it is impossible if you spray chemical herbicides over your garden bed. There are much better ways to control and get rid of weeds.

Raised bed of lettuce, tomatoes, 6 different t...Image via Wikipedia

1) Use heavy mulching with straw and wood chips or shavings. Even if you put a light mulch of grass clippings around the weedy areas you will see that will do wonders to suppress them. But don’t over mulch or apply to closely to your other plants or places where you planted your home garden seeds. It is really cheap and healthy way to get rid of nasty weeds on your garden beds. The mulch softens the soil so that any weeds that come through are easy to remove.

2) Use Vinegar. It is more expensive way but it also helps. You can spray it every week or so in the bad spots and keep it off the good plants.

3) Turn your topsoil. You can do that, wait a few days so the weed seeds will begin to grow then heavily apply mulch to area and let stand for a few weeks to kill everything off. Obviously this is best done as early in the year as possible.

4) There is also one new method. Recent invention called weed torch. It is fast and easy way to remove unwanted vegetation. This inexpensive method effectively burns the tip vegetation of weeds. By the way, it can also be used to melt ice in the winter. You can watch the movie below about types of weed torches and by them on Amazon. They are cheap and easy to use but, again, be careful and do not use it close to the place where you planted home garden seeds.

Buy now!

Buy Red Dragon Weed Dragon Garden Torch Kit from Amazon for only 53.34$

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A Few Words About Container Gardening

If you want to do a container gardening you don’t need a lot of space. It is a great way to grow plants,

Container Gardening

vegetables and herbs right outside your kitchen door. Or on the kitchen window. As some of the people say – you can garden in a tea cup. You can not believe how easy that is!

First of all you need a container. You need one with a good drainage (for example old villow market basket). If the holes at the bottom are too big you can put some plastic bag there and make some small holes in it.

Secondly you need a potting soil. As I wrote in the previous posts it is better to use organic one. It already has all the nutrients etc.

In containers you are commited to two things: furtulizing and watering.

To eliminate the problem you can use special soil moister. Put just a little bit in the soil and mix it. Don’t add a big ammount – soil moister gets bigger after watering so if you put too much it will blow your basket off and you don’t want that :)

There is no need to buy a soil moiture for those who have a small baby in the house. They can just put one or two baby diapers at the bottom of the container. It will do exactly the same job as a soil moister.

If you don’t add soil moister or baby diapers you’ll have to water your plants every day.

That’s all about container gardening, really.
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I wish I could be read better in Spanish, but I found a great site that will be of help with my veggies. Most tutoring net companies just sell netting and have no real expertise in agriculture. Hortomallas has a great library available to farmers as tutora means tutor as referred to a plant. I ran into this site by mere chance as I was trying to find the ideal product to tutor my backyard vegetables, and did not know that using netting reduces viruses and fungi. I will try now to go 100% organic!