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10 Interesting Garden Designs And Ideas

Hello my fellow gardeners! Today I decided to post 10 interesting garden designs and ideas for your inspiration. :) I think you’ll like them. As for me, I like raised garden beds. I thought to make one from old pallets this spring but unfortunately didn’t have a time to to that. And also I plant go go travelling for a few months so no garden this summer for me. :)

1) So here is number one. Just nice design and easy to walk between the beds.

garden 1

2) Round design. I think it’s a real pleasure to take care of such gardens, are you agree?

Round garden Read the rest of this entry »

Some thoughts about garden design

Garden design has a lot in common with art. The same as art it helps us to express ourselves, our styles and even our cultures. As a nice dress can add charm to an ugly person, in the same way a simple house looks absolutely new and great if it has a garden.

If you are lucky enough to own a huge cottage with a vast land area, then you possibly won’t do without professional advice to achieve harmony between your house and the surrounding landscape. But with a small garden you can definitely cope yourself.

First of all, remember that you plan your garden for you and your family, so make your design practical and functional. A front garden undoubtedly should be easy to keep looking tidy. Choose appropriate plants and materials for it.

To create an eye-catching pattern, combine lawn and hillside landscaping.


Take a look at picture 1.

The land is flat that affords making a nice path, lawn and rockbed. To make such a wonderful garden it is necessary to level the ground. And it wouldn’t be enough a couple of wheelbarrows of land to do that. You will definitely need heavy machinery. There are firms that rent articulated trucks out. You can call them.

Take a look at picture 2.

A nice set of natural stone steps. The slope is nicely mixed with small trees, shrubs and rocks.

Combine these patterns in your garden design, compliment it with effective lighting and enjoy yourself with you family in your dream yard.

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10 Crazy Garden Ideas

Spring is coming and a lot of us are thinking about adding some unique look to our lawns or gardens. I decided to publish some photos for your inspiration. :) Enjoy!

Garden Gnomes for nowadays.

Garden gnomes are very popular in Europe. According to Wikipedia the first garden gnomes were made in  Germany in the mid-1800s by Philip Griebel.  In general it is cute statues. But today I’ve found something more useful. Actually this is not a garden gnome. However I think it is even better solution for the garden. Why? Well, just imagine: dark night, the thief knows what you are sleeping on the second floor and plans to go through your garden, brake a lock and enter your house in order to get something precious from the first floor. He climbs over the fence in your garden and sees this …

Zombie of Montclaire Moors

So why we should spend money on expensive security alarms? We can buy this cute garden zombie who’ll guard us better 😉
It is currently on Amazon for 89.95$.

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