A Few Words About Container Gardening

If you want to do a container gardening you don’t need a lot of space. It is a great way to grow plants,

Container Gardening

vegetables and herbs right outside your kitchen door. Or on the kitchen window. As some of the people say – you can garden in a tea cup. You can not believe how easy that is!

First of all you need a container. You need one with a good drainage (for example old villow market basket). If the holes at the bottom are too big you can put some plastic bag there and make some small holes in it.

Secondly you need a potting soil. As I wrote in the previous posts it is better to use organic one. It already has all the nutrients etc.

In containers you are commited to two things: furtulizing and watering.

To eliminate the problem you can use special soil moister. Put just a little bit in the soil and mix it. Don’t add a big ammount – soil moister gets bigger after watering so if you put too much it will blow your basket off and you don’t want that 🙂

There is no need to buy a soil moiture for those who have a small baby in the house. They can just put one or two baby diapers at the bottom of the container. It will do exactly the same job as a soil moister.

If you don’t add soil moister or baby diapers you’ll have to water your plants every day.

That’s all about container gardening, really.
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