DIY-Upside down tomato planter

Hello folks,
Sorry for 1 week break – I took a break from my Internet life and went fishing. Unfortunately I didn’t catch anything – the weather is still too cold and windy. Also I almost lost my wedding ring – it went off my finger and flew into the river while I was shaking the dirt off my trousers. So I had to take my shoes off and go into the cold waters (the water was about -5 C ) in order to take it. Anyway, let’s go back to our home garden seeds, plants and soil. 🙂

I wrote about upside down tomato planter recently and gave a link to Amazon where you can buy it for 13.99$. The price as affordable however for those who count their pennies I’ve got a video that shows you how to make your own upside down tomato planter! All you need to have is a bucket, soil (I recommend to use organic potting soil for best results), coffee filter or newspaper and a knife. Enjoy the video, guys! 🙂

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