Gardening in Our Backyard Is Growing On Us

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My wife, Jenny and I haven’t been gardening for long but the desire has been there for many years. We have been married for 27 years and now we finally have our very own backyard big enough for both flowers, trees, shrubs and as of 2009, a vegetable garden as well.

It’s about -27 here today and the wind is pretty strong making it bitter cold so I am staying in my office and planning my garden season for 2010. Nice and toasty in here with my coffee and music.

We started gardening here the year we purchased the property. We even purchased the lot next door so we could have room for a vegetable garden. We didn’t start with a vegetable garden because my health was pretty poor when we bought this home. So we started with a few flowers and then moved on to a few containers for strawberries and tomatoes.

After that we were hooked and I managed to dig up a vegetable garden plot, 4×16 feet and started square foot gardening in 2009. We had a great experience, learned a bunch of things NOT to repeat and some things that will help us do better in 2010.

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3 Responses to “Gardening in Our Backyard Is Growing On Us”

  • admin says:

    Good luck to you in 2010! 😀 I hope your health is ok now! Take care!

  • GardenMann says:

    Thanks I have been getting better every year. I go through the winters wondering but once the nice weather gets here I have been able to do a little more each year. Feels great.

  • Sarah says:

    Great job on starting a garden you guys! Hopefully you’ll use an organic bug spray since you’re growing vegetables. I just used regular pesticide at first until I found out how harmful it was. Now, if I have time, I’ll make my own or go out and buy some pre-mixed one.

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