How to grow plants from seeds.

I’ve found nice tutorial on Youtube about growing plants for you garden from seeds in your home.
I’ll publish the short text below the video in case someone wants to save and print it.

Today we will talk about starting your plants from seeds. Where do we grow our plants?

Most people are going to rely on a south basing window. Because that’s going to get the sun from East to West. That’s a great way but bare in mind: your plant is going to follow the direction of the sun as the day goes on.

Before you go to work, make sure your plants are well watered as a sunlight coming through the glass creates tremendous amount of heat and you don’t want your plants to dry out and die.

In my opinion the best way to grow plants from home garden seeds inside is make the investment in a grow light system.

I try to combine both elements: position near the sunny window so you can have a natural light from the sun and grow light. There is a reason for that: the grow light doesn’t reproduce the sun light exactly.

When we start we have to have a plants three or four inches below the light.

As I mentioned before, when you have a plant on the window sill it’s going to follow the light. In the case of grow light system installation, the plants will grow inward, toward the light. So once a day just turn your container with the plants around. That really helps to straighten up the plants too.

With this 41 grow light system you need to expose your plants to this grow light for about 16 hours per day. You can either turn it up when you wake up in the morning and turn it off before you go to bed or you can install a little timer which is what I like to do. It simply plugs into the grow light system and turns the light automatically.

Since we’ve started our seeds, and plants are up an growing we will no longer need the humidity knot. You can adjust the light but keep an eye on it because once the plants get too high and start touching the lump you can burn them. Raise your light when they grow.

When the plants are big enough, transport them in the bigger pots.

Don’t plant them outside until the last frost.

Another thing you want to consider when you choose a location is the temperature in which your plants are growing. Most plants prefer the environment of 17 degrees or more. Don’t put your system near the draughty window – it will kill your plant very quick. And don’t adjust the heating too low when you go to work.

Put a small fan near by too. Just to keep air circulation going and keep the plants healthy. It is going to reduce the chance of fungus appearing as well.

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  • Garden Sheds says:

    It’s always good to see a video of someone else doing it, so you know exactly what you’re doing. I’m glad I found this blog too, I can’t wait to start sowing my seeds ready for the early summer months. Many thanks.

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