How to Grow Herbs Indoors

Oregano in the pot|Home garden seedsWe all like to use herbs in cooking to provide the that special flavours and aroma in our food. It will be interesting to know that most professional chefs prefer to use fresh herbs in their cooking. So why not to do the same and grow herbs indoors?

It is very easy to grow herbs indoors using home garden seeds and grow the most commonly used ones. Most of them require average soil and just some of them need rich soil, for example oregano.
Most of the herbs grown in a basic organic home garden such as parsley (note that this herb is biennial in nature. This means the first year it is grown it will not be useful for seasoning), sage, rosemary, thyme (this is a very forgiving plant and if it dries out will likely come back when an appropriate amount of water is given), oregano and basil are tolerant of direct sun, and will need minimal amount of water to survive. You can harvest leaves, sprigs and twigs from any of your herbs as they are growing giving fresh organic herbs for your kitchen.

Since some have different soil requirements and can grow under slightly different conditions, having themOregano|Home Garden Seeds separated by variety can help get them started and keep them growing throughout their life.

Whenever possible, plant the organic garden seeds close to where the plants will be used.

In most cases it is easier to grow herbs indoors close to the kitchen (on the window, for example) for easy harvesting of the fresh crop. Note that you don’t have to cut and use the entire growth at once. With the right care, the herbs will grow and be usable for the entire season. You may want to dry or freeze the extra cuttings at the end of the season. It will supply you with the herbs throughout the winter.

A home garden of herbs is a great addition to your kitchen supplies and won’t take too much of your time to look after.

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3 Responses to “How to Grow Herbs Indoors”

  • Jendi says:

    This winter I tried Basil and Oregano. The Basil froze in the windowsill, and the oregano is slowly dying. I do better with outside gardens!

  • Joshua says:

    I am just starting to grow my own vegetable garden and this site is a fabulous resource.

  • Nova Person says:

    I’ve grown things indoors and outdoors. I’ve had plants dying too, during my first cold season. But thing got better in time.

    @Jendi, do you have enough sun in your windowsill? Basil is a major sun-lover.

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