How to grow string beans. Waiting for a flowers

String beans are very popular in many countries. For example in England canned beans are the leaders on the list of the most popular products. They are a good source of fibre, carbohydrates, vitamin C and vitamin A. So lets talk about planting these vegetables.

String beans prefer rich soil in a sunny location and a lot of moisture. So make sure that you water them frequently in the heat of the summer.

Do not try to get an early start with them – you’ll waste a lot of home garden seeds! String beans are fragile and you should not plant them until all frost danger has passed and the soil remains above 65єF.

You have to plant them in the area that will give them at least six hours of sunlight.

Before planting the beans you need to prepare soil. It has to be worked with a garden hoe, rake or spade down 8 to 10 inches. You have to brake up all dirt clods and remove any rocks or weeds.

Plant garden seeds 10 inches deep, every two to three inches in rows 24 inches apart. You have to cultivate them frequently and shallow until flowers appear. After that, be very careful, try not to disturb the roots as it can cause the flowers to drop.

You have to check your seed packet for proper harvesting for the particular variety you have chosen.

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