How to Plant Home Garden Seeds

I’ve come across Diane Crawford’s article telling how to plant a Vegetable Garden. The advices given there are ideal for all organic garden seeds.

She writes that the first thing we need to learn about how to plant home garden seeds as that location is very important as vegetables need five to six hours a day of full sunlight.

The second secret is a space between home garden seeds. Diane writes: “Depending upon how many vegetables you want to plant, and how much of each vegetable you’d like to be able to harvest, you might find you need quite a bit of room for your vegetable garden. A family of four for instance, generally needs rows of vegetables approximately ten feet long to provide enough harvest for the entire family. So if you want to plant twenty different vegetables, you will need a lot of space.”

So, another words, before planting we need to make a decision: either to leave a place for swimming pool or to feed all family in Autumn. Well, what can I say… That’s a hard choice.

We all know that soil preparation is very important. The author doesn’t cover it in detail but says that “the basic steps involved with preparing your vegetable garden soil involve turning the soil, and enriching it with compost or other organic matter.” Diane writes – “Vegetables need a lot of nutrition to grow well, so the better you prepare the soil before planting, the better chances you have of producing a bountiful crop.” I think no one can argue with that.

Planting Your Garden Seeds

After preparing the soil you’ll be able to plant your home garden seeds or starter plants.

Watering the GardenDiane gives the following advice: “if you’re planting your vegetables in traditional rows, you’ll simply sprinkle garden seeds along the top of a row, then cover them lightly with a thin layer of soil. If you’re using starter seedling plants for your vegetable garden, you will make a slight hole in the top of the row, put your starter plant down in the hole, then pack the mounded soil around it lightly.”

Also she says: “Planting vegetables into raised garden beds is done the same way when you’re using rows. If you decide you’d like to plant your vegetables in square blocks however, that’s easily done in the same ways too. Alternatively, you can randomly place your vegetable plants and seeds, and you will get a more natural growth look from your vegetable garden when the sprouts begin to create leaves and produce.”

I think this information is very useful for gardeners of all ages and will help to harvest a lot of vegetables in autumn.

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