My balcony garden photo update

Hello everyone. Today I want to post some more photos for you to have a look how my balcony garden is going.

As you can see from the photos, my wild strawberries are growing fine :) There are a lot of berries, some of them are already in my stomach. You may want to read how to plant wild strawberries.

Also you can see that I grow tomatoes in containers. It is axactly the same as growing tomatoes in pots. They are doing fine but don’t have any flowers as yet. That’s because we had cold weather and had to leave tomatoes in a small pots indoors for a long time.

There is a problem with the cucumbers: again, because of cold weather we had to keep cucumbers indoors in small paper pots and I has caused troubles. Leafs are slowly dying and I don’t expect to get many cucumbers this year. Weather dictates the rules, I am afraid :) This summer is cold and unfortunately we can’t make a greenhouse on the balcony.  Riga (the city where we live) is not a NY :) The climate is colder. But at least we have a huge balcony. It is hard to find a flat in NY that would have such a big space for making a garden (by the way, those who live in NY can have a look on New York condominiums). :)

Help the environment! Use paper pot maker!

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