My Balcony Gardening

Today instead of writing an article, I’ve decided to show you what I am going to plant on my balcony. Balcony and two windows allows me to plant vegetables and herbs in one-room apartment.  I am going to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, onions, sage and so on. I’ve already made some preparations and installed  a container on the balcony. I plan to buy and build some more in order to plant all vegetables outside when the weather gets warmer. So do you want to see my one room flat? 🙂 Then watch these videos.

P.s. I am very sorry for the video and sound quality. I was taking this video using my mobile phone. It has 3MP camera and I was hoping that it will allow to make good movies but unfortunately it is not enough for clear image. You can use cheap home theater speakers to improve sound quality.

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    Hey By the way Do any of you guys know what the solution to Congress Weed? I am not sure what exactly it is but its a grass and it itches too much if you touch? How do I kill it?

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