A Few Words About Potting Soil

Organic Potting SoilWe all have to plant organic garden seeds in to potting soil. What is it? Potting soil is a mixture used to grow plants, herbs and vegetables in a contained garden environment. The first recorded use of the term is from an 1861 issue of the American Agriculturist.

The most common ingredients used in potting soil are composted bark and/or other plant materials, peat moss, sand, and perlite (for drainage). Some potting soil mixtures contain particles of vermicompost, while other contain vermiculite for water conservation. Most commercially available brands of potting soil have their pH fine-tuned with ground limestone, and some contain small amounts of fertilizer and slow-release nutrients.

So basically the potting soil is a combination of elements and despite its name, little or no soil is used in potting soil because it is considered too heavy for growing house plants.

Can it be organic? I know only two companies who sell organic potting soil –  “Organic Mechanics Soil Company” and “Scotts Organic” . Their peat-free potting soil is sold in retail garden centers, supermarkets, botanic gardens, and farmers markets.
Their products are 100% organic.

Why they sell peat-free soil?

Well, because harvesting peat destroys unique ecosystems for both flora and fauna, and is particularly damaging to insect and migratory songbird populations. They use coconut coil instead. This renewable resource is comprised of a 40% to 50% lignin fiber or more and 20% to 30% cellulose fiber.

What about benefits?

Apart from helping songbirds population to survive and minimizing pollution you’ll grow bigger and healthier plants than your neighbour.
Living soil contain higher levels of nutrients, and many taste better than their conventional counterparts.
So be green and use organic soil! 🙂 It is helpful for nature, helpful for yourself and helpful for plants!

You can buy Scott’s Organic Potting Soil on Amazon for very low price at the moment. 20LB costs just $2.26.

Pots Organic Potting Soil

Scotts Organic Potting Soil
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  • Garden Sheds says:

    Some great advice there. I have always used peat before but those days are long gone. I’m all about being Earth friendly now I’m aware of the damages being caused. Organic potting soil all the way.

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