Our New Rhino Deck: Perfect for Football Season

I love to be outdoors, especially in the fall when the weather is just right. However, fall also happens to be football season, which means that my football-loving husband is often huddled inside watching the latest game.

I began to consider ways I could lure him outdoors and came up with the idea of an outdoor entertainment area featuring a TV. The first step was to have the enclosed, screened-in portion constructed. After that was completed, I thought adding a new deck to the back would be ideal. That way he could sit in the screened-in portion of the outdoor space and watch football, and I could sit on the deck enjoying my book while still being close to him.

I found Rhino Deck composite wood products to be perfect for the deck portion of our project. After our contractor finished the job, my husband couldn’t wait to invite all his buddies over to watch the game and show off our new outdoor space.

The fact that the decking requires minimal upkeep was also a big selling point for him. After all, it is hard enough to get my husband to come outside, let alone venture outdoors to fix something. This decking material from Rhino Deck was the perfect material for our project.

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