I’ve got an idea.

Ok, guys, I need your advice. I was writing about “Must Have” tool for organic gardeners – Paper Pot Maker. I think the majority of you know about this lovely little gadget that helps you to make paper pot, helps the nature and saves your money. But this thingee costs about 16-18$ in average. I think it is a little bit high, really. So I’ve decided to find a craftsman and ask him to make some paper pot makers for all of us.
What I need from you is simple. Just write in the comments if you would like to buy one, how much would you pay (inc. shipping fee) for that tool and what size would you like it to be. I want to check if it’s worth ordering or organic gardeners still prefer to use that nasty plastic pots 😉
I will be waiting for your comments on that. 🙂
P.s. I would also ask you for a BIG favour for me. If you have a Digg account, please digg this article for me (you can see the social button below the post) and ask you friends who are interested in organic gardening to comment as well. If you have a  gardening blog, let your readers know.  I promise to find the best solution for everyone.  Let’s unite and save forests! Are we organic gardeners or what?? 😀

3 Responses to “I’ve got an idea.”

  • lemongrasstea says:

    Although, I don’t know the exact measurements for the pot maker tool above, I’m pretty sure the seller is making at least a 100 percent profit (with standard shipping). I’ve never seen this tool before. I think it’s a really, really good idea, and with organic gardening on the rise I’m assuming soon everyone will want one! Well, a lot… 🙂 As for how much? I don’t know… just a fair price. With 2 or three to choose from… Hope that helps!:)

  • Katie says:

    Actually, I know of a site that sells them for 12.95 plus 5.99 for priority mail shipping. 16 is a bit steep.

  • admin says:

    Sure, Kathy, I fully agree with you. I am selling paper pot makers now for just 9.93$ and this is a cheapest price on the Web so far. 🙂 I sell them here: http://homegardenseedsorganic.com/next-generation-paper-pot-maker/

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