Vapor Genie. Necessary product for smokers.

Although this is a blog about organic gardening, I want to write about one brilliant thingy I’ve come across recently. It is called volcano vaporizer and it is a revolutionary system that releases the active ingredients from herbs or tobacco through hot air vaporization.

This vapor genie is a great help for smokers as by using it, they can get all the flavour and active ingredients in a clean vapor without the tar and other toxins found in smoke.

But apart from that it is also a herbal vaporizer. So even non-smokers can use it  for releasing aroma’s and aromatic flavouring from spices or incenses. It is great to use it for relaxation after a busy day and you can use sices and herbs from your own garden.

Volcano Vaporiser was designed and manufactured by Storz & Bickel of Germany and has received the prestigious Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Prize for outstanding technical innovation.

A lot of people around the world have selected the Volcano Vaporizer because it is so easy to use, safe, and almost totally exterminates chances of passive smoking. This is a great way of releasing aroma-inducing materials from any given herb, powder, or oil, and infuse it successfully with other blends.

According to manuals, the device is really easy to use. You just have to add herbs or oils in aroma-inducing base inside a removable chamber, and then install the vapor collecting bag on top of the device, and turn it on. The work is normally done in a matter of minutes. There are a few models available on the market. You can either buy the original, classic version, or digital version which is more accurate, because of the electronic controls which promise to control the temperature of the base within given limits.

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